Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today in my yard

Today is SUCH a NICE day!!! Supposed to be in 80's... Sunny. clear, just downright pretty... have been dinking around in the yard here and there... grass where it should not be and weeds, oh my!!

Have these grape hyacyinths (sp) all over they just grown here and there, come up on their own, i planted a couple bulbs but not all of the ones that have come up..
 Tulips are just starting and all i have are red ones..
Am in the process of getting ready to be out of town for a month. Going to Iowa.. flying there, i know... have certain trepidation about flying, but what will be , will be, you know.... They say more people die in car wrecks than in airplanes, just not normally as spectacular, huh??? AND seems that alot of weird things are happening.. and now they want to relax FFA standards, really? Geez....
But going on United, not Southwest and don't plan on having any sort of fits or anything that will get me kicked off a flight, hahaha
I have not even met one of the little children i go to see, and he is going to be two this year... so i have been a slackard....

 Here is another of the Lentin Rose, they are so very pretty,

The pink flower has NEVER bloomed before, took it from mom's yard, had it in Bend, then moved it here to Redmond and been here for 7 years now!!! WOW that does not seem possible..... but this year it looks really pretty, but don't know why never bloomed and why this is the year, but thankful it is...

Am not taking my computer with me, so there will be not blog updates,  unless i can figure out the tablet that i have and am taking with me, so maybe someone in Iowa who is literate in these things can show me how to work it!!!!

Below is pic of Carl that was taken today.. he just looks old... is hobbling about, seems like he is in pain most of the time, perks right up when Brian comes home and when he is out trying to kill the neighbor's dog thru the fence.... his daily cardio, haha.  Still eats and poops normally and he is on two different nerve and pain pills.... feel bad for him

Take Care All and God Bless

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Blooms

Mom's Lentin rose... So special when it blooms and then stay most of the summer.... so a good thing for the garden for color.
Been busy  :) well relatively so, got things done. Running about for chores and to visit two friends in Bend. Found some books on my list at Barnes and Noble.....
Today was stamp club near Bend and then to Madras to take pictures for a friend for her father's 90th birthday, lots of people showed up!! they have a HUGE family, there were 5 kids and then two of them had 8 and 9 kids each and two for 2 of the others. so LOTS of grandkids and even greats now... so weird to see these little kids be grown, even a grandpa who is one year younger than Brian!!! I remember taking them both to the Ice Capades in Portland....
It was a nice day today, overcast, BUT only needed a sweater!!
Take Care All and safe travels to all who are headed North or East.....

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Two Books

the last two books i read were good!!
The Child by Fiona Barton (had previously read the widow and it was good too! She has a strange/different way of telling a story, but once you get used to it was really enjoyable.
Mystery about a lost child

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo.  This was sad..... Love lost and found and lost

Also read The Disappeared by CJ BOX .... love, love, love his stories, Joe Pickett a wildlife ranger, his adventures and family.. for me, it is a really fast read, but filled with characters and adventure that moves right along!!!

ALSO found a David Baldacci that i had not read King and Maxwell written in 2013, it was VERY good too, his books are high adventure of the wildest sort and go on and on, not a fast read at all, police/military/private eyes... see.... lots going on there.....

Went to last Community concert of the season and it was really good Mark Masri, i believe he was a tenor (not too good about that) but could listen to his voice forever, very smooth, sings alot in foreign languages tho, so did not really know what he was talking about, but moved me...

Also have walked the last two days.... so maybe i am getting out a bit more?? Also had luncheon with my friends in Bend, One- Mary T.  used to be my boss turned 92!!!

It was VERY windy last two days and today was bitter cold too.... i hear it on good info that Spring will come....

Take Care All

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Just had to add a picture... what better than 3 Sisters?? Even tho they have been on here again, never tire of them, there is MUCH more snow up there now, have had LOTS of Spring storms that has added tons of snow, ... up there.... not down here.  Yesterday snowed to beat the band for a hour or so, but never stuck at all, here in Redmond...
I am much, much better and find that if i actually get UP and move about, doing something i feel better, who knew???
Will Spring EVER get here?  We are supposed to have 60 degree weather by the end of next week, i certainly hope so... folks in Iowa have 4-6 inches in last couple of days, they even had to plow out the walk ways, geez.....
There are little buds on bushes here and about, but they stall and then stay as they are... crocus was up, but so cold they closed up again....
read John Grisham- Camino Island, the world pf rare books, pretty good and interesting
also Stranded by Bracken Macleod, will be looking for more of his book, that was a thriller taken place in the Arctic Sea and i just about froze while reading it!!  Got both at Fred Meyer...
Well Take Care All and God Bless, let us hope that the week end will bring us SPRING!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

no pics

One of My niece's earned her Masters degree!!! What an accomplishment!!! While being a mother and teaching school full time (2nd grade i think i remember right)
So very proud of her!!!

I have been doing nothing.... really, absolutely nothing.... the last week was not feeling too very well and spent all my time curled up in bed with a heating pad to my back or sitting in my chair, with said heating pad... sooooo, called doc and went to lab here in Redmond, peed in a cup and guess....???? i have another UTI... last time i went to doc thinking i had one, did not, so this time was reluctant to go in, and should have a week ago, it did not 'go away'
So the question is when to go to doc and when not.... geez, don't want to bother them for nothing.
So.... now i have something to do, taking antibiotics, drinking LOTS of water, and taking trips to the bathroom every two minutes  :)  HA!!!!

Take Care and God Bless

Monday, February 26, 2018

A Week

Yes, another week... sometimes it just seems like i am letting the days pass me by one by one.  Brian has been home for a week as the weather has been horrid... sleet, snow, wind. At least his boss decided to not work them in the snow and ice..  but he has been home for a week..... nuff said
have gotten in some snow shoveling.. just a bit, normally there is a layer an inch or so of the snow and ice and  single digit temps, but not a whole lot of snow to get out of the way and by the afternoon, mostly it has melted away.. but then nite comes and it does the same thing all over again, Mt B has 96 inches, which is a good thing.  The mountains look beautiful sitting there in all their glory.
This week have some doc appts with a friend of mine, stamp class (oh, i made like 9 cards, was fun, just sitting here at home), Friday nite the Prineville Spring Follies, amazing the talent in the area.  Sunday another community concert... Monday and Tuesday more doc appts..... nothing wrong with me, just a check up so they will keep giving me my meds..... going to try to get appt to get hearing aides adj as they just do not work for me....
getting a trip together to go to Iowa, have plane ticket, been over a year since i have been and have not even met the youngest child who will be two this year!!!! Time sure does fly!!!
So things are happening, i am trying to get out and about and live!!! other than just putting dogs in and out and picking up poop!!! my life in a nutshell, hahaha
Take Care and God Bless

p.s.  Spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Here it is already the 17th of February!! Can barely believe it....
Have done nothing but read and dogs in and out, clean house now and again, but not get too crazy with doing that!
Dogs are doing well, Carl as good as can be expected for old and crippled, still hanging in there.
Weather has been amazingly good, even balmy at times, like today not too cold and some wind but not enough to complain about.  there have been some days the wind whips thru like it is coming off a glacier and just plain bitter.... not so today.
Yesterday went to the new stamp club meeting and made 3 cards, it was fun to be in a new group of ladies, went with Laura a friend from my high school group, so i at least knew a person. Today went to lunch with friend Carol, who is in Redmond house sitting for the week end, always fun to have her in town....
So things go on and i do something now and again and am just getting along fine... hope all of you are too!
Take Care and God Bless