Saturday, October 14, 2017

Views of Fall

Top Picture is of Mt Jefferson  Monday

Next is Three Sisters on Monday also, out near the dump...

To the left is tree across the street with angry clouds in the background..

Below is Three Sisters on the way to Bend, today, with new snow!!!

Above is backyard and I was worried about the leaves falling.... looks like they are on the way down.

Take Care All and God Bless

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today was house cleaning day.... nothing like a clean, smell good house!!! Laundry on-going.... Have to get all of this done, so that I can sit here for two weeks after the hardware removal from ankle and heal and not be on foot.... So takes a little bit of planning ahead to get ready.  Leaves are finally starting to fall.  Rain today.. Ordered pizza, LOVE to do that.  have got to get the paper in order, have stacks of 'stuff' laying about, mail is hard lately to get thru and rid of for some reason. Get lots of catalogs in the mail, usually go to the recycle bin.  But little notes here and there of things I need to do, calls to make... and I just put things off, don't want to for some reason tend to them, oh well, suppose eventually all will get done..... Have found if things lay there long enough, when I finally go thru it, there are things that are no longer relevant and don't need to take care of after all or decided to NOT do what I had thought I would do no longer important...


Take Care All

Monday, October 9, 2017

Getting Ready

Getting ready for Winter... had little pick up serviced, did not need an oil change.  Took back pole saw! And since the chain fell off and we could use it for about 20 minutes, they gave me back my rental fee, Yah!! Then took two loads of debris to the dump.  Got a load of gravel to place about for decoration and hopefully to deter weeds, got the bigger size, and did not think of it but the bigger the rocks the heavier they are, geez!  But Brian was home and he helped me.. Felt sorry for me I guess.  BUT when I say I need his help he has been good to jump in and help, lately.
Picture is of Mt Washington from near Sisters.
Take Care All

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Good Thing

Well, I do NOT have arthritis in my hands.. Thank heavens.  One test was a little elevated and the other showed nothing, so that is a GOOD thing.  Am very happy about that...
Having hardware out of ankle in a couple weeks.  Getting ready for that. Got a shower stool as will have a soft cast on and can't get it wet.  Have gotten dog food n treats to last until I can get back to store next month.  will clean house next week Brian is getting me a GOOD vacuum, (early xmas) one of those dyson animal ones for pet hair.  Goodness, in cleaning the air filter the hair was very prevalent... so hopefully that will be helpful!  Just need to get things in order, so I can sit here on my ass for 2 weeks and heal. Once I get that stuff out, there is no excuse for me NOT to get up and go to the gym or walk and get back to where I was, with more energy...
The light this time of year is just beautiful.  So bright with the tree leaves turning.  And we are having clear skies...
Also tomorrow have gotten an pole saw to cut limbs on the trees around here as they are sagging down and rub on the car when I pull out of the driveway every time!!!  Have the pick-up plugged so it will start, then have to go to the dump with all the limbs and yard debris.  will probably not get all the yard cleaned up, and the leaves have NOT fallen!!! Usually by this time I have 2-5 bags already filled,but no, they are holding on. Have already alerted Brian that if they fall, and I can't get out, then he is going to have to pick them up and bag!!!  Can't leave them laying back there as the dogs will get all over them with the do-do.. and wet weather or snow would pound them down.  I bagged wet leaves one year and what a mess that was!  Could not even pick up those bags, and they got moldy, it was just a gross mess, so they can't just lay there........
Take Care All and God Bless.... things are moving along

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brian's Trees

See the black tubes to the right and the middle of the picture? those are voice tubes, don't know exactly how they work, but supposed to be cool...

Brian spent ALL Winter in snow and ice to get the bark off these trees and smooth them out so there were no way for little fingers to get splinters!!
the park is basically finished now, just finishing up things here and there, he has been moved on to another job.  He set them in place, even.
There were kids there playing

Just look at all of those trees....
These were like knee high to me.  Would be fun to run thru and play tag.  Do kids even do that now days?

There is a disc golf course.  Did not get pictures of it but there is a huge skate park too, trails for walking, it is all handicapped accessible.

Note the logs around the edges to keep the sawdust in place.

It was just a really neat place, was enjoyable to walk about and look at all the things

The water fountain...

There are lots of rocks for climbing and jumping off of.

Places to sit, even with canopies for shade!!

The logs around the sawdust, keep it all in place, so it does not scatter into the grass...

It was a beautiful day in Bend today.  I was in town for an eye appt.  Been 3 yrs and of course eyes have changed and need new glasses, which Medicare does not pay for, I am sure becuz as we age we no longer need to see...

Also got x-ray of my hands as been having issues with them not always working properly, cramping up and not able turn door knobs or unscrew things. And at times they freeze in position at really odd angles and have to slowly move them into moving properly, weird..... This aging is not for sissies as someone said at one time, somewhere.

Can't remember where I heard that, that is another thing, stuff does not come to mind easily and lose the proper word to use, what is that, memory loss? 

This is the requisite pic of my car in the parking lot.  There were lots of people at the skate park and still lots of parking places.  don't know who was in the skate park as it was 2p so school was still in session, there were kids over at the school at recess even.... guess I did not look close enough to see who was skating...

Take Care All

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall prep

Think I have already used this pic before, oh well, I like it...

It is surely turning into Fall here on 26th street.  Last full bloom on the mums, and Autumn Joy is all pink on top. The bees sure do like it.

I watered the backyard for the last time and unhooked the hoses as today there is really a bad chill in the air and who knows?  have already had snow on the mountains..

Been doing cleaning in the house, don't know why???? Got the fans brushed off and wiped down and stored ( had to have Brian lift them up where they are to stay for the winter.)  Brought in the Adirondack chairs, no more sitting in the garden!.. Got out the comforter and got it wrestled into the duvet cover and on the bed.  Have woken up a couple of times, cold, so that should take care of that!! Also changed air filters on the furnace and vacuumed the stove all ready for HEAT.. Also was going to clean the overhead fan over the dining table and Brian volunteered to do it, guess seeing me up on the ladder changing the filter was too much for him and being old and near to feeble is as assent!! HAHA, we did a really good job of it, worked well together and he was patient with my obsessive wiping with the PineSol...

Have been clearing out the yard too, have a pick-up load of limbs, they keep falling out of those darn trees out back, flowers that are spent.  Petunias are still doing well, still have some hardy snapdragons and lots of yellow flowers.... had to cut off one of my star gazer stems (the flowers long gone) as it had grown up entwined in the hose apparatus and had to wind up the hose...

(sitting here writing and yelling at Luci, she keeps trying to sneak into Brians room (am too lazy to get up and shut the door)  She got in there a couple days ago and drug off a pair of underwear and chewed them all up.. silly dog, can NOT get her to stop doing that and have to be ever vigilant)

I just really dislike this time of year it is the downward swing into the deadness of Winter, I think it was always at work the way the claims calendar worked and the look of it, with the four quarters and this being the last one, the days get darker, earlier
 (HAD to get up, there she was in there, it is just SO tempting, there are so many smells!!! she can't help herself)
I just feel a heaviness pressing down, the end of the year is approaching, but also a new beginning in a new year, so there is that, but there are 4 months to get there..... to start over, again.... how morose.  Been sitting here now with adult pop channel on tv and reading, pretty sweet, really

Take Care All and God Bless

Have gotten to see my niece (who lives in Sisters) twice now, last week end and this week end, just short visits.  Don't know if I mentioned her before or not, she has a cute little daughter age 5, starting kindergarten this year!!!  She is in such a good, happy place now with a really sweet guy. She so deserves that and am so very grateful for our reconnecting. It is a good thing!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Yes, we have rain... a nice drizzle, but things are all wet round and about.  Things were so very parched, hope it stays for awhile even tho it does affect my energy levels. Just dreary....Had to go get Carl more pills today. My doc check-up tomorrow and have a whole page of things want to ask about, get my monies worth out of the 10 min they will take to talk to me.... Already been to the foot doc and 4-6 weeks will have the hardware out.  It just increasingly hurts and feels like the bolts are going to come right out thru the skin... I know people that have had the same and they have no problems, maybe it is the placement of the things?  Don't know.  but I will not do anything that I know is going to cause me pain. I do know that.... so no walking or exercise or moving that thing about here and there.... Yes, I know, I am a wuse, that is what I am and I accept it and there it is.... hard enough to get about and mow the lawn or carry items about the yard that need to be moved or gotten rid of...
Luci got into my dirty clothes this morning, she has not done that in a long time!!! dumped over the basket and pulled stuff out all over the bedroom, guess I went in there soon enough and she had not chewed anything up yet.  geez, what a snot!!!!  We have had a bad couple of days, don't know what it is, the weather changing or what, but she has been demanding and whiney (me, not at all) and just gets on my last nerve.
U know, I was in the vets this morning getting those aforementioned pills and there was a HUGE pitbull type dog  (66.2 #) and it was so well mannered!!! Sat and laid down on command, did just what the owner quietly told it to do, why is that not in my make up?? What am I lacking?????
Another thing I did this week was, went in to go to bed and there was a HUGE pile of clothes I had taken from the dryer and forgotten to fold, Now I wanted to go to bed, was ready for bed and had to sit there and fold those darn clothes!!!
I am sure, in fact I KNOW there are people in this world that have way more issues than I do... I feel for them I really do
Take Care All and God Bless