Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Yes, we have rain... a nice drizzle, but things are all wet round and about.  Things were so very parched, hope it stays for awhile even tho it does affect my energy levels. Just dreary....Had to go get Carl more pills today. My doc check-up tomorrow and have a whole page of things want to ask about, get my monies worth out of the 10 min they will take to talk to me.... Already been to the foot doc and 4-6 weeks will have the hardware out.  It just increasingly hurts and feels like the bolts are going to come right out thru the skin... I know people that have had the same and they have no problems, maybe it is the placement of the things?  Don't know.  but I will not do anything that I know is going to cause me pain. I do know that.... so no walking or exercise or moving that thing about here and there.... Yes, I know, I am a wuse, that is what I am and I accept it and there it is.... hard enough to get about and mow the lawn or carry items about the yard that need to be moved or gotten rid of...
Luci got into my dirty clothes this morning, she has not done that in a long time!!! dumped over the basket and pulled stuff out all over the bedroom, guess I went in there soon enough and she had not chewed anything up yet.  geez, what a snot!!!!  We have had a bad couple of days, don't know what it is, the weather changing or what, but she has been demanding and whiney (me, not at all) and just gets on my last nerve.
U know, I was in the vets this morning getting those aforementioned pills and there was a HUGE pitbull type dog  (66.2 #) and it was so well mannered!!! Sat and laid down on command, did just what the owner quietly told it to do, why is that not in my make up?? What am I lacking?????
Another thing I did this week was, went in to go to bed and there was a HUGE pile of clothes I had taken from the dryer and forgotten to fold, Now I wanted to go to bed, was ready for bed and had to sit there and fold those darn clothes!!!
I am sure, in fact I KNOW there are people in this world that have way more issues than I do... I feel for them I really do
Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, September 11, 2017

Old High School

Top picture is my old High School, will always be a high school!!! They turned it into the city hall, which is a good thing that they saved it!! Restored.  It is really beautiful inside, wish they had kept some of the lockers. Spent 4 years there.... They tore down the shop and art studios in the back and made a parking lot, the old gym is still there, hope they do something with that, it was like walking into the belly of the beast on basketball nites!!! such days!!

The dragonfly sculpture is new, don't really see what it has to do with Central Oregon.  We DO have dragon flys along the irrigation ditches and ponds tho, maybe that can relate?? Don't know.  There are so many round-about art things, that would be a good blog!! Will have to go about taking pictures., Have to get out , park and walk in to them and dodge traffic, that should be exciting to do!!!

Just don't know about all of the disasters happening, so very sad..watched the hurricane all day yesterday, don't know why.....

Take Care all and God Bless

Friday, September 8, 2017


Love cone flowers... and cannot seem to get them to grow in my yard, have not a clue why???!!! Have tried a couple of years. Had a bunch of them at the other place, white ones and they came up year after year.  Saw these at Pronghorn and had to stop and get some pics, they were mostly over the hill, but still some good one.
The ones just below look like they are at the wrong angle, BUT they are not, the flowers are old and were all flopped over onto the grass, so these are sort of sideways, but they are correct, even if they look weird....

Aren't they lovely? And like the way they showed against the dead tree limbs.. good contrast

We still have smoke today but not near as bad as it has been.

Cable guys came out as had an upgrade done, the DVR I had only recorded two programs at a time, and that was a real pain to make a decision at times, especially when all the new FALL programs are starting they try to have them all on at the same time to compete.  Then on Sat-SUN when traditionally there are not that many programs I want to see, can watch my recorded ones, or watch when there are re-runs.  AND Outlander is starting tomorrow and had to have Starz in order to watch that.!!!  Have been catching up on last season and now am all primed for the new season.  Did not get it last year as I knew from reading the books that the second season in France was not all that wonderful of a storyline, lots of intrigue.. which I was not really that excited about..

AND  there was an odd smell in the house, what in the world, something burning, but did not smell like the forest fires, a different type of burning, what IS that, welllllll long story short, or short memory, whatever...... I left the beets on and the water all boiled out and burned to the bottom of the pan, if they did not take so darn long to get done a person might not forget about them.... even then they were still a little hard, but done..... at last..... finally.... and do not taste burned, but will take  a good scrub to get the pan back to where it should be!!!!

Cleaned the house yesterday, wash, scrub, dust... as tv people will be here!!!! Have to appear as if I dust under that DVR at least once in  6 years.....

Take Care all and God Bless

(do u think that the money donated to Safeway for hurricane relief really gets to those people? Well just have to assume it does.....)

Thursday, September 7, 2017


There are signs of Fall in the air and on the ground!!
Oh dear, so do not look forward to raking leaves again, altho in a perverse way I DO enjoy the picking up and hauling away.. it is a good form of exercise and there is so much pleasure in seeing the clean yard afterwards.... SOOOOOO just remind me of this blog, when I am complaining  :)))
Take Care ALL and God Bless

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Smoke n Lunch

Pictures taken between Redmond and Bend at 11a and 2p...
Very, very smokey, seems as if the whole world is in distress...

Went to Pronghorn where friend Carol G is housesitting.. a rescue and a wirehaired doxie who has dementia.. such a sweet little doggie but really has no idea where he is or what is going on, cant hear and barely see, and trys to get food from you all the time :), they never give up.... they are such a food oriented breed. Also a cat...

Pronghorn is a very she-she golf course community out past the Bend airport on the way to Prineville, there were lots of people out and about, working on the landscaping, which is beautiful. lots of natural things, rabbit brush is blooming, lots of large size aspens relocated there, old snarly junipers, Russian sage splashed purple here and there.  There are lots of houses of the Tuscan type, huge homes, a grill and restaurant, they are in the process of building a motel, there are lots of condos.  But everything is tastefully sparse about, so that it is not in your face that there are buildings about. The tennis courts were recessed into the ground and could not be seen from the road, the fences were not discernable at all. It is a gated community that was 4 miles off the road. Then the house where Carol was at was another mile in on the 5th tee.  There are golf cart trails and a dog park, childrens playground.  The house itself was beautiful and BIG but only 2 bedrooms!!! and a casita over the 4 car garage.  Lots of huge decks, and places to sit, two outside gas fireplaces and a waterfall/pond.. LARGE, large kitchen, 8 burner gas stove, two ovens.  Marble everywhere... toilet closets and bidets....!!! Lots of windows but still felt dark inside.... guess it was the color of the walls....  But lovely, lovely home.

Take care all and God Bless
Pray for all in distress with the weather and fires....
There is cooler weather on the way and maybe some breeze, will blow out the smoke??? This is the 19th day of smoke and hazardous air... also supposed to get some thunder and lightening, don't know if that is a good thing or not....

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Another honeysuckle pic, like this one better, does not have the house in the background so the flower stands out better, no distraction, not fuzzy, good focus
YES, we r still smokey... sneeze and snort about, poor Brian working in this weather and heat and just exhausted at end of a 10 hour day, drinks LOTS of water, which is a good thing...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


on the way to Bend.. cant see the hill to the left at Deschutes Jct nor Pilot Butte
picture below was taken on Knott Rd near the dump in Bend, looking towards Mt Bachelor and lava butte, can't see any of the butte or hills out that way, China Hat.....

The smoke is unbelievable!!  Woke at 3am and it was so strong woke me up and now I let the dogs out and it just smells like wood burning, which it is but to travel that far.... it is not near us really at all, can't imagine what the town of Sisters is like.... so very sad. Paper said estimate of fires burning in Oregon so far coast 10 million $$ ..... your eyes burn and the nasal passages are all clogged, throat hurts....
Sunday I worked in yard, got LOTS done, still much more to do, don't know what people do with larger places, work more I guess, but it sure does keep me busy, keeping things tidy.  Dug out the border along the sidewalk, looks so much better, been meaning to do that this summer and think I picked one of the hottest days to do it!!!  Had the urge!!

then this area behind the tree was filled with 'snow on the mtn' which is a pretty plant for about two weeks out of the year then you have dead or dying leaves and a bunch of grass trying to take over, been fiddling with it all summer and it was time to take the WHOLE thing out!!! Be gone I say.. it is so.... put grass clippings on there for a mulch and to keep in moisture, what there is of it...
you can tell by the light in the pictures it is muted by the smoke and sort of sunset looking but was around 3p. It is very weird, need to have the lamp on to read by as it is dark in the house, have all of the doors closed to keep the smoke out, or try to and fans on to circulate, is not too bad... around 5p need to open things up and try to get a breeze thru, if there is one .  Was 99 yesterday at Redmond airport
Well, almost 5p so going to turn on tv and see how Houston is doing and the fires around here. What a summer.....

Take Care All and God Bless