Sunday, January 21, 2018


It is mid Winter and dreary.  We have had NO snow yet this year, only a tiny bit in Nov that melted really fast. There is hardly any on Mt B, don't know how they stay open, BUT supposed to be some this week end!!! On the mtn and pass.. not down here... It is just not getting over the mtns and over to us is all, which is a good thing, but hardly good for the countryside, nothing stored for the summer.  Right now it is overcast, and windy, somewhat cold but not bracingly so...
Been watching Hallmark garage sale mysteries all day, Brian in watching the playoffs... Dogs in and out, at different times of course :) other than that they sleep.
Have not even gotten out of my pj's and it is now 2PM  so what is the point???
I really should re-arrange the craft room, clean out the garage, clean out my closet.... work on my Doomsday book... HA!  that is another story.... crochet.... even read.....
just can't get the steam to actually DO any of it.... isn't it just too much the even think about?  I DO clean, that gives me alot of satisfaction that the kitchen is picked up and clean, disinfected even... even the TOP of the refrigerator!!! Scrub the floor in the utility room with a stiff brush and pinesol... but mostly it is all surface stuff, nothing deep, like moving living room furniture.... that would take too much energy....
Hope all is well and active in your part of the woods!!!!
Take Care and God Bless

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Very Grateful

Of all the horrid, awful, cold, freezing, wet weather around the U.S. today we had in the low 60's i am sure- is 59 right now and it is almost 5pm, sun shining, i was driving with my window down and only a sweater on!!!!
last year there was at least a foot of snow and my ankle was broke, had only been out of surgery for a week and was not able to get anywhere or DO anything... this year is so very much better!!! So very, very thankful for the grace and things that i do have this year... survived last year and this year is before me and can only look up and onward!!!!
Take Care and God Bless

Picture is of the Three Sisters about noon today

Sunday, January 7, 2018


This is the park and the logs that Brian worked on all of last Winter!

Have wanted to show the frozen fog that we have had and last week went to Costco in Bend and decided that i had better take some pics as the sun was coming out and sure enough after i got done all of the frozen was melted.... so glad i got the pics when i decided to or would never have gotten them, and who knows if would get any more of the fog this year.  This is the second time this year have gotten it and pretty rare to get it even twice!!!

 It just adheres to everything in different ways.  so very pretty, but OH so very cold....
(that is my car in the distance, there were some people out walking but no other cars, even the skatepark was empty)

Really looks pretty in the pine boughs and if there is a tiny bit of sun shinning thru

Oops, see the sun coming thru and the blue skies...

Yet the frost is on that fence, every little link.

Today we just have overcast and i think in the 40's, so no frost and it would even be ok to go out and not freeze to death, and yet, no, i don't.....

Take Care All and God Bless

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


26 degrees and frozen fog, pretty darn dreary....
Have been doing absolutely nothing, reading, watching TV... cleaned house a couple days ago and did laundry, so very exciting.... oh, joy and paying new years bills

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Well, i managed to 'get thru' the holiday and that is all i can say about that...

Friday, December 22, 2017

Potholder fiasco

WELL.... decided to bake something for xmas for son and relatives, never mind i end up eating TOO many of whatever.... I have pampered chef cookie sheets, they are heavy, BUT nothing hardly ever burns on them or sticks!!! So worth the effort.. And i use my heavy potholders that i make with two layers of jeans fabric (recycled) in between cute material.... so they are nice and heavy for those hot sheets..... the cookies i was making cook for 12 minutes..... was sitting waiting, watching TV and something smelled odd..... WELL, when i opened that darn oven there was one of my potholders!!!! Not quite on the coil on the bottom of the oven, but up next to the door and stuck under one edge of the sheet.... GEEZ, i mean really?? Feel that those potholders are so heavy they did not catch fire immediately, but smoulderd  (sp) for awhile, turned it brown, singed, is the word. Am i lucky or what??? 
Would just like to know what else i am going to forget?  Brian did not think it funny at all, went on and on about how i could have burned the house down, was i not paying attention, what was he going to have to do? was he going to have to worry about me being alone every day?  (poor little dear, sounded a bit worried and concerned, hahahaha)
Take Care All and God Bless
Have a Blessed Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

luci's problem

Well, just have to warn everyone, to please watch your pets really close in this season of weird things being out and entertaining...
At thanksgiving i made those really good sausage wrapped with bacon, and a toothpick inserted to hold it all together while baking.... WELL... i warned everyone to be sure to put those darned toothpicks in garbage and yes, dear luci found one.... somehow....
And on last Friday she was having issues with going to bathroom, kept wanting out , then could not go, kept straining and i finally noticed she had a stick coming out of her anus. Tried to pull it and she screamed like i was sticking a knife in her!!! So ran her right away to the Vet...... and the darn little shit just stood there and never a peep out of her while they pulled in out and then inserted some medicine, she is also on antibiotics.... It could have been so much worse!!! Considering that toothpick worked its way throughout her digestive system and at any point could have poked her!!!!
AND i use the big, sturdy toothpicks, not those flimsy shorter, less bulky ones!!!!
The poor little thing, it had to have hurt going down and through everything, don't you think?

We have been having frozen fog here for about three days, not it is sunny, but still very cold, no new snow in those mountains.  Heard it was really nice over on the coast.  I never ventured out, even to take pictures.  That frost on the trees and leaves is very beautiful.  It brings to mind Mom and me used to go out and cut pieces of juniper to have about the house at this time of year.  We both love the smell, it is like Christmas to us....

Hope everyone is well and having a very Merry Christmas season.

Take Care and God Bless